There’s a lot I want to tell you. There’s a lot you need to know. But I’m so over that, it’s been years. And I’ve left that in the past.

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Life is progressing.


Matte as Firetruck

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I didn’t have the guts to do that before but I’m strong enough to do so now.


elevatedxhighwayMe & My Bitch - YG ft. Tory Lanez - My Krazy Life


The Blood Moon :: (Timothy Green)

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San Francisco

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Endure whatever you have to now
So you don’t have to any longer

Get use to this now
So you don’t emote later on

Reflect now
So you don’t regret later

Choose now
So you don’t fall later

No matter what life puts you through, you just have to be strong. Even if it knocks you down a thousand times, you have to get back up, stronger than you ever have before and fight for them better days. No good or bad lasts forever. Every bad has it’s goods. Every mistake has it’s lessons. You go through things to get to things. ‘What is progress without struggles?’ Everything happens for reason, and maybe you don’t know what it is right there and then. But remember, no matter what happens, life still goes on. Time will never stop. Never. But time will tell. So it’s time to look forward. Keep looking toward. Keep going. You’ll be fine. As long as you look forward and get back up every time you get knocked down. You will be fine. You will go through hell and back numerous times. You will get hurt and even become numb to the pain. But whatever obstacle you face, ‘whatever doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger.’


The Good Vibe

When one door closes, another opens

There’s nights like these where I have them 4AM thoughts racing through my mind. Laying here, reflecting on everything that has happened in my life. I actually don’t know if I feel content with everything or just numb. A lot has happened within such a short time period. But I guess you can say, all the obstacles I’ve face, made me so much stronger than the person I was a few months ago. And this is just the beginning.